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Financing your next car with Oodle

Oodle Car Finance is currently available exclusively through dealers. Ask your local dealer if they offer Oodle Car Finance!

Our Dealer Network

During the Covid crisis all car dealers were forced to close their showrooms. As a result, and to help us support existing customers, we paused new lending.

As car dealers are now reopening, we are pleased to say we’re back! And, we are regularly expanding the number of dealers that can offer Oodle Loans.

About Oodle Car Finance

Simple, streamlined and intelligent car buying, with personalised service and support. That’s our Oodle vision. Incorporating the latest tech innovations, we keep our customers in control, every step of the way.

We’re a finance companion helping out whenever we’re needed. We know and trust our dealer network, and they repay us with great customer service and supportive

Oodle customers love Oodle and we love them back, we are perpetually improving service and have an ever-growing trusted network of great car dealers to choose from.

Because we put our customers in the driving seat, right from the start of their Oodle experience, we need their feedback to help make Oodle the best it can always be. So we ask for reviews, and we love to receive them.

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