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Breaking down during COVID-19

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As restrictions around the Coronavirus begin to ease, more people will be venturing out in the vehicles and for some, especially whereby their cars have been stationary for a while, this is when faults and anomalies become more apparent.

If your vehicle suffers a breakdown or gets a punctured tyre at present, you can still call out a breakdown service provider, who will either be able to repair your vehicle or take it to a garage. 

Recovery services, including the AA and RAC, have said that they are still operating their call-out services, and that their patrols are following Government guidelines: keeping two metres from customers, wearing latex protective gloves and wiping down any surfaces they touch with hand sanitiser or wipes. 

Most garages are now reopening as they adhere to new guidelines around social distancing and hygiene – ensuring that social distancing is maintained and cars that are being worked on are thoroughly disinfected.

We would suggest that you contact your local garage, prior to having any work completed, to ensure that you are happy with the measures that they have put in place. The wiping down of surfaces, including door handles and steering wheels before and after the car is collected should be carried out.

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