Car Finance: 2050

December 18, 2017
Would Blade Runner’s Rick Deckard be able to purchase his flying car on finance in the year 2050? In a nutshell, yes.

By the year 2050, someone will have married a robot, some rich people might effectively be immortal — and a team of androids will have beaten a team of humans at football.
It might sound like science fiction, but these are all predictions from credible scientists. But what about the way we drive?

Self-driving cars will no longer be a new, untried technology. By 2050, it may actually be illegal for human beings to drive, according to tech visionary Elon Musk.
Self-driving cars will be so safe, by comparison to humans, that manually driven cars could be banned in some places, Musk believes.

The next few decades are set to see a technological change in motoring unlike anything since the dawn of petrol cars in the 19th century.