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How does Tully work? Who will see my data?

All you need to do is tell Tully a little bit about you, share your online bank statements and they’ll work with you to build an accurate budget quickly and easily. 

With your consent, Tully will use your online bank statements to build your budget, so you don’t have to spend hours searching through paperwork to figure out what you earn and spend. The process of sharing your bank statements has been developed by the UK’s largest banks and is used by over 2 million people and small businesses across the UK. 

Once you have built your budget, you will be able to share it with Oodle. Oodle will only receive your income and expenditure by category. This allows us to tailor support to your circumstances without access to each transaction.  

Your data will be processed in accordance with both Tully’s and Oodle’s privacy policies, you can read both of them at the links below. Both companies follow strict GDPR guidelines and will be collecting, storing and processing your data in accordance with the regulations. 

Tully’s privacy policy

Oodle’s privacy policy