How would missed Oodle payments or financial support impact my credit file?

If we have previously agreed  COVID support with you before 31st July 2021, we will have informed you of the impact on your credit file.

From 31st July 2021, the FCA Guidance on COVID support changes, and we will grant tailored support, where appropriate, to support customers through ongoing COVID financial difficulties.

Missed payments are likely to impact your credit file. If your ability to make your normal monthly payments is impacted by COVID, please contact Oodle as soon as possible. 

If we grant you a form of tailored support, this is likely to be regarded as a payment arrangement, and may affect your credit file. We will provide you with more detailed information If this applies to you. 

You can also add a note to your credit file called a ‘notice of correction’ if you want to explain your current situation or make any corrections to entries you believe are wrong. You can contact Experian on 0344 481 0800, Equifax on 0800 0850 650, or Transunion on 0330 024 7574.