Car Search FAQs

  • Can I purchase a car from a private seller?

    Unfortunately, this is not something that Oodle currently offers.

  • How does car finance work?

    Financing a car with Oodle, is well, a piece of Oodle! We bring customers and dealers together, helping drivers get the right car with a finance deal that works for them.

    Essentially we’re giving you a loan. A great Oodle loan to help you buy the car you want. And it won’t cost you the Earth in doing so.

    There are two ways you can arrange finance with Oodle…

    1. Find the car you love and then apply for finance. And because we already work closely with motor dealers and finance brokers across the country, they may even refer you to Oodle as part of their car sales process.
    2. Apply for finance first, find out your budget and then start looking for a car. This can all be done via our website. We’ve even got a dedicated search engine to help you to discover your new car.

    Once you’ve been approved for finance and chosen your car, Oodle will then finance the purchase of the car. We’ll pay the dealer and arrange for the car to be delivered or collected. It’s that easy!

    Please do note that the purchase of the car will be on hire purchase terms. This means Oodle retains ownership of the car as security until the hire purchase price is paid in full. If you break the terms of your hire purchase agreement we may repossess the vehicle.

  • How do I choose a car?

    The easiest way to choose a car is through the Oodle website. You can look through thousands of approved cars from our nationwide network of trusted dealers. 

    We do have restrictions on age and mileage, but we’re sure we’ll be able to help you find the right car whatever your budget.

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