What do I need to do if I’m changing my registration plate?

If you would like to change your registration plate, you will need our consent in writing before you make the change.

There is a £25 fee to change your registration number to cover our admin costs to make this change to your account. You will be responsible to arrange and pay for the installation.

Please use the ‘Chat with us’ service at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to help.

It is your responsibility to make necessary arrangements with the DVLA for the Registration change.

 If the vehicle needs to be returned to us for any reason (e.g. as permitted by law or under the terms of the agreement), it is your responsibility to return the original registration plate back onto the Vehicle prior to return/collection. If you do not do this, the private registration plate will become our property and we will be entitled to sell the vehicle and the plate in accordance with the terms of the agreement.