Will my battery go flat if I’m not using my vehicle?

April 7, 2020

If I don’t use my vehicle for a period of time, will my vehicle battery go flat?

If you are self-isolating, or simply just not using your vehicle as much then you want the confidence that your vehicle will start when you need to travel.

Whilst restrictions are beginning to ease and people beginning to get back into their vehicles, there are still people that will be self-isolating for numerous reasons and the reduction in vehicle usage could be a concern to them.

It is possible, for this to have an effect on your battery, especially depending on the age of the vehicle and if it has an alarm as this will also drain the battery.

Assuming that your vehicle is secure, you could switch off the alarm in order to maximise battery life. Most factory alarms have a transportation setting so just check your manual as to how to do this.

A number of charging options (trickle charger or smart charger) are available which might help keep your battery topped up.

It’s worth ensuring you know where your battery is – it’s surprising how many people don’t.

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