Insuring my vehicle during COVID19

April 7, 2020

Vehicles need to be insured even if they are not being driven right now

However, you could choose to declare your vehicle as off the road by making it ‘SORN’. We only advise this if you are certain that you will not be driving your car and if your vehicle can be stored in a save and secure place off the public road.

A Statutory Off Road Notice will allow you to save money on tax and insurance

If you are staying indoors, your vehicle is kept off public roads and you are confident that you will not be using your vehicle over the coming months, then it is worth considering making a SORN declaration and get a refund against already paid funds.

If you are likely to need your vehicle or you are unable to park off public roads then your vehicle will need to remain taxed and insured.

Making a SORN declaration is very easy and can be done online here.

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