I’ve been accepted for finance, where do I go from here?

That’s great news! 


Now you can select the car you want. Once you have chosen your new car, you need to agree with the supplying dealer:


1) Its price

2) Any part exchange value 

3) Any cash deposit you need to add to the transaction.


The dealer will then send Oodle an invoice for the car showing what has been agreed. 


We will sort out a hire purchase agreement based on the invoice, the terms of your finance acceptance and the personal details you have supplied. This will then be e-mailed to you with instructions on how to enter into the agreement. 


Once you have signed the agreement, Oodle will carry out some final checks and pay the hire purchase advance to the dealer. 


That’s it. You’ll be sent confirmation that the agreement is in place and advise you of the date of your first payment.

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