London Congestion Charge update

May 25, 2020

With many workplaces gradually beginning to welcome employees back and some form of “normality” slowly being restored to the capital, what does this mean for the London Congestion Charge.

The charge was waived during lockdown when the majority of people living in or around London were working from home or only travelling into the capital for essential reasons.

From 18 May, the £11.50 charge was re-introduced, along with the ultra low emission zone which costs £12.50 for most vehicles and £100 for heavy lorries or coaches.  The current charges will apply between 7am – 6pm, Monday – Fridays.

It is set to rise though and from 22 June, it will increase in time, duration and fee.  The charge has risen by £4.50 per day (about 30%) taking the daily charge to £15.  The hours will also be extended from 7am – 10pm and will be applicable over 7 days a week, opposed to 5 days (which it currently is).

The Mayors Office has said that the June increase will “encourage Londoners not to make unnecessary car journeys and is expected to reduce journeys within the congestion charge zone by a third”.

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