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How we’re supporting our customers, dealers and Oodlers through COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted numerous businesses and Oodle has been no exception. ​

In early April, we took the decision to pause lending to ensure that we fully understood our position throughout the COVID pandemic and enable us to focus on our existing customers, business partners and Oodlers. ​

As we navigate out of the lockdown period and we slowly return to a new form of ‘normal’, we are committed to assisting our customers to get them back into regular payments, supporting dealers to start lending again, and safely returning our Oodlers to the office environment.

Supporting our customers on the road to recovery 

  • Our focus is on working with our customers to ensure they get back into making regular payments​​
  • We are making sure loans remain not only manageable, but appropriate for a customers ability to pay and suitable for the lifespan and value of their vehicle​
  • For those who can afford to do so, we are restarting regular payments for extending measures where temporary difficulties remain ​
  • We are working with those who find themselves in longer term income gaps where the car loan is no longer sustainable 

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Supporting our dealers in a new world of buying used cars

  • We managed the period of paused lending extremely well and as the UK enters the next period of lockdown, it’s time for us to dip our toe in the water and start lending again
  • The used car market is now very different and with that will come new challenges and opportunities
  • The next few weeks and months will be a period of learning for us, but we are rising to the test and embracing this opportunity. Because of this, we’ve made changes to the way we operate enabling limited dealers to work with us as we re-enter the market
  • We feel that these changes are crucial as we examine the market place and learn how we adapt and grow in this new world of buying used cars
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How we’re keeping our own people safe

We are proud of our team in Oodle and how they are responding to serve and support our customers. Keeping them safe in these times has been a key priority to us.

  • All of our offices have been closed since the start of March in order to minimize the spread of the virus, however we are now putting measures in place to allow us to re open the Oxford Head Office with skeleton staff in a few weeks
  • We are implementing a planned “return to the office phase” in line with the government safety guidelines​
  • All staff are fully equipped to continue to work from home to enable them to carry on serving our customers
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing are always a key focus for us at Oodle, and these unprecedented times is no exception. We have ensured that all staff have ongoing support throughout this period despite being home based​

Help us to help you

Even with all these measures in place, the increase in demand from our customers has meant that we need to work in different ways if we are to support all our customers and ensure we prioritise those most in need of help. We have therefore introduced various measures in order for us to help you as quickly as possible.

This material and information is for general information purposes only. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author based on the information that has been made available to the author to date. These views are subject to change based on new information and guidance that may be issued. You should not rely upon this material or information as a basis for making any personal, business, legal or other decision, and we strongly advise that any decisions made by you are based on your own views, and that independent/expert advice is sought where necessary.

1. We know for some customers the financial impact of Covid-19 is a key concern for them

There are a number of support packages and advice available from the UK government but we appreciate that this can sometimes be hard to understand and navigate; it can be confusing and overwhelming. We have pulled together all the key support packages to save you time and, in a bid, to keep things simple and easy to digest. We would encourage these to be read before contacting us as additional support through one of these schemes maybe available to you.


Our COVID FAQ section features the most frequently asked questions that have been coming in through our call centres and provided the information many of you are asking for in an FAQ section that can be found here. Please refer to these before calling as to minimise call wait times and help us to prioritise those most needing our help.

3. Further assistance

If you do require financial assistance, then please ensure that you have completed our COVID-19 form. We are treating all situations on a case by case basis and require all information beforehand to ensure we can make an informed decision as to what support we are able to offer. Our designated COVID Task Force will then respond directly and be able to assist with any concerns you may have.

4. Live chat facility

Lastly, if you wish to reinstate your direct debit, request a settlement figure or change your details, please use the new ‘Chat with us’ feature (aka GeorgeBot). Please be patient with him, he’s still learning.

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