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“A Shangri-La of a place”: Watford Gap Services reviews

Further to our detailed account of Watford Gap Services’ of the musical history behind Watford Gap Services, we’ve delved a little deeper into its 2,166 Google reviews (with an average star rating of 3.5) to bring you some of the funniest, angriest and sweetest we could find.

Today’s visitors are somewhat less involved in the rock and roll lifestyle than past guests like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix… but many have found the Google reviews system to be a more than satisfactory way of sticking it to The Man:


What could be more rock and roll than cutlery-powered self-mutilation? Meanwhile, the only boundaries Christopher is pushing are between the North and South of England.


Classic bait-and-switch from Gareth:


Anthony is so taken with the food he is eating 66.666% of his daily meals there.


For John, Watford Gap IS the destination.


Sounds like Martin is going significantly out of his way for his Squirtles.


A cautionary tale about the perils of gambling from the ironically-named Smiley.


It’s the UK’s first ever service station. WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF HISTORY, CHRIS?


Stewart, however, can evidently appreciate Watford Gap Services in its entirety.


As admirers of Watford Gap’s rich history, its cultural significance and the millions of journeys it has punctuated since it first opened in 1959, we couldn’t possibly agree more, Stewart.