Vehicle checks you should do before driving again

May 26, 2020

What are the main things I should check on my vehicle before driving it again?

As restrictions around the Coronavirus begin to ease, more people will be venturing out in the vehicles and for some, especially whereby their cars have been stationary for a while, this is when faults and anomalies become more apparent.

If your car has been stationary for the majority of lockdown with no or minimum movement, we would advise the below points are checked before you drive it.

Check your tyre pressures – these can be found in your car manual or on the inside of your door pillars. If you don’t have the ability to check these at home, you might need to drive (carefully) to the nearest fuel station or garage.

Check all your vehicle’s fluid levels such as oil, coolant and screen wash.  If in doubt as to how to do this, either consult your owner’s manual or alternatively contact a professional. 

If the car has been kept outside, its also worth checking under the bonnet to ensure that nothing has decided to take up residence in your engine compartment – nesting birds and mice can commonly be found!

On the first outing, apply the brakes more frequently (over a short period) to clean up any corrosion that may have occurred whilst the vehicle was not in use.

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