Your rights to a refund on a holiday during COVID-19

May 4, 2020

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We are lucky that we have the opportunity to talk with 1000’s of customers every day and have found that many had already booked holidays or travel that may have already been cancelled or might not happen. There are many sources of advice on travel available online.  We have summarized some of these – we hope they will be useful!   

Your rights to a refund on a holiday 

Your right to cancel any future trip unfortunately depends on the current status and advice according to the UK Government Travel Advice which is what tour operators and insurance companies are steered by. 

Currently the FCO are advising against travel “indefinitely” so refunds should be possible for forthcoming trips and should be arranged directly with the company directly. 

Many of the Travel Companies have already started to directly contact customers due to travel imminently so you should have already been made aware of your options.  Whilst most companies are being sympathetic to customers and offering refunds, it is down to the specific firm as to what options they offer so you would need to contact the company directly to discuss what is available to you. 

For further information on this topic, some great advice from Martin Lewis can be found here

And what about the Airlines?  

Consumer rights on holiday refunds during COVID-19

The good news is that if your cancelled flight was on any airline that was departing from any EU country then you will be due a refund (this includes Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, UK and flights on any EU Carrier from any airport). 

If your flight or airline was outside the EU, then unfortunately this is where it gets slightly more complicated and your rights will depend on the airline themselves or if booked through a travel agent, their terms and conditions. 

Unfortunately, we are seeing that airlines are being reluctant to offer customers full refunds and instead opting to issue flight vouchers instead.   If vouchers aren’t a route that you are prepared to accept then you can either keep pushing them to issue the refund or approach your debit or credit card provider and claim through them. 

A good article that we have found that gives insight into the current situation with the airlines can be read here.  

And Hotels? 

If your hotel has closed during this period then you will be due a full refund.  If it hasn’t closed the unfortunately, as with the airlines, you are in the hands of the booking provider or hotel chain.  Most are showing a lot of support and goodwill during this time but you will need to contact them directly to understand what your options are. 

Consumer rights on holiday refunds during COVID-19

More questions? 

We understand that there will be numerous other travel questions that you will be wondering “what happens next” so below is a good video from WHICH that we’ve found that you might find useful.  Topics covered within it include: 

  1.  Why am I waiting so long for a refund?
  1. Should I accept a credit note?
  1. How far in advance are holidays being cancelled?
  1. Will I be able to travel this summer? 
  1. When will air travel resume? 

Find out the answer to these by clicking here – enjoy!  

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