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Get the finance. Get the confidence. Get the car.

How it works

  • Do the finance bit first with OodlePay

    You wouldn’t choose a house before working out what you can afford. So why do it when buying a car? We can help you calculate a budget that works for you, pre-approve your finance application straight away and pre-load your OodlePay digital wallet so you’re good to go.

  • Choose a car from any Oodle approved dealer

    It’s time to go shopping! Browse thousands of cars online or visit an Oodle Approved dealer near you.

  • Pay with OodlePay online or in person

    Once you’ve chosen the right car, OodlePay means you’re ready to buy right there and then. Our Oodle Experts are on hand if you need any help.   

  • Drive away with confidence

    You can pick up your keys and drive off the forecourt knowing you got the best car for your budget.

¹Free delivery is only available on your first vehicle financed through Oodle, where the distance between your home and the supplying dealership is less than or equal to 250 miles by road on the mainland of England, Scotland or Wales.

²To be eligible, you can’t have driven the car more than 200 miles and the car must be in the same condition as when you received it.


Set your budget first

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