Commission disclosure

The second consideration in our drive towards a simpler customer journey covers commission disclosure.

Commission disclosure is vital for transparency and trust. A salesperson must, on customer request, promptly disclose the existence and nature of any commission they receive in connection with a sale.

Our E-sign process now includes a step asking the customer to confirm if they are aware of any commission paid to you as a result of the taking out the agreement.

Your obligations 

Ensure customers are aware that you'll earn a commission from their vehicle finance.

Clear Information 

Include all key information upfront on your website, clearly signposting key features, benefits and all the options available. Don’t hide important information in footnotes or smaller text. 

Regulatory body expectations  

The FCA and FLA have an expectation that you advise your customers of the existence and nature of commission during your sales process.

Commission and fee disclosure 

If a customer asks about the commission amount, you must disclose it before they enter the agreement.