Customers in vulnerable circumstances

The first consideration in our simpler customer journey covers those customers with vulnerabilities.

Our customers can become vulnerable and could show characteristics of vulnerability at any time during the product lifecycle.

Fair and flexible strategies for supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances are vital for the delivery of good customer outcomes.

Our joint role to support vulnerable customers

Consumer Duty places a requirement to jointly identify and respond to customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Types of customer vulnerability

Vulnerability comes in various forms. It can be temporary, like losing a job but finding another soon after. It can be permanent, such as impaired eyesight making reading difficult. Vulnerability can also be sporadic, like fluctuating earnings for self-employed customers.

How to let us know about a vulnerable customer 

Email us at or post a chatter note on the application chatter feed. Tell us what the vulnerability is and how this is impacting the customer or might impact them in the future. You can also access our Vulnerable customer guide via our website.

Flex your sales journeys

To comply with your FCA obligations to treat customers in vulnerable circumstances fairly, you will need to flex your sales journeys to suit their needs.