Website expectations

Your website must meet your customers’ needs in a way that allows them to make good decisions. It must be accurate and reliable, making sure customers have the right information at the right point in their journey.

This will help you meet your requirements of delivering fair and consistent outcomes. Just as importantly, a compliant website helps you build trust and credibility with potential buyers.

Inform and enable

Without the right information, customers could end up buying products without understanding the key features or having the ability to access a complaints process.

Be transparent

Being transparent on your website and including information such as your regulated firm status and status disclosure helps customers access key information and make informed decisions. 

Complaints and commissions

Your website should always include your complaints disclosure and the relevant commission and fee disclosure.  

Privacy policy and financial promotions

Your website must always include a privacy policy and have compliant financial promotions. If you’re unsure whether your financial promotions meet regulatory standards, we recommend seeking third-party legal or compliance advice.