Complaints handling

Handling complaints effectively is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Whether a complaint is about your dealership, about Oodle, or about the quality of a vehicle, it must be handled sensitively and in a timely fashion. 

Any requests from Oodle for information or communication about a complaint should be provided as soon as possible and always within 72 hours.

Further detail around complaints handling can be found in our Oodle Onboarding Pack

Complaints about your dealership

All complaints involving our mutual customer and your dealership should be acknowledged within 48 hours. The process you follow to resolve them should be arranged in line with FCA complaints procedures.

Sending complaints to us 

Any complaints received about Oodle or our services should be sent to us via email

Vehicle quality complaints (SQs) 

Handle all vehicle quality complaints (SQs) according to the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Send complaints to Once an unwind is agreed, funds should be sent within 7 working days. 

14-day right to withdraw 

Under the Consumer Credit Act, the customer has a 14-day right to withdraw from the agreement, starting from the date they take out the credit. They can also reject the vehicle after failed repairs or if issues were present at the point of sale.