Vehicle Standards

Our customers expect a vehicle that won’t let them down. We know that selling a good-quality vehicle at point-of-sale leads to happier customers.

Those customers will be more likely to recommend you to others and become repeat buyers themselves.

To provide the best possible outcome for our customers, we have a list of vehicle standards that our trusted partners are expected to meet.

Vehicle maintenance

The vehicle has a minimum of 6 months MOT and it has been serviced within the last 6 months.

Initial maintenance requirements

The vehicle should not need any routine maintenance within the first three months or the first 3,000 miles of ownership. 

Vehicle condition requirements 

The vehicle must match the description in the ad, including any listed accessories or modifications. If the vehicle has modifications, Oodle will not finance it.

The vehicle should have at least 6 months of MOT and should have been serviced within the past 12 months. 

Customer handover

We highly recommend completing a pre-delivery inspection sheet with the customer before they drive away. Both you and the customer should sign and retain copies.